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I am Abhishek, an expert on relationships who is open-minded, creative, passionate, and fun. I’m easy to talk to and put my clients at ease right away because I really understand them and don’t take myself too seriously. I’m not afraid to say things as they are, because I want both sides of a couple’s story to be clear. My way of coaching is very different from anyone else’s. I go where others would be afraid to step foot. I think that once we learn how to talk to each other easily, everything is possible in the game of love.  When my clients finally accept themselves, come to life, and start to see relationships through the lens of their playful side, they have a “aha” moment. 

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My Guiding Principles

Passion & Purpose

Relationships give our lives purpose and meaning. The most basic need is to feel connected and valued.

My passion and purpose is to nurture these bonds.

It give me an immense sense of personal and professional satisfaction to bring Fulfillment and content in the in the mind heart and soul by developing strong relationship between one another.


A world free of conflicts , separation, and divorce.

To Cross pollinate people with ideas and inspiration, No matter what life throws you can easily handle it as long as you connected and keep moving towards your goals, bring the best in you and to make this world a better place each day.

My Expertise

A coach who aligns holistically with at the level my clients are and crafting journey for every one and leading into a spaces where they are their brilliant and awesome and ready to inspire the world.


Today’s culture accepts conflict, separation, and divorce as the norm rather than the exception, leading to incalculable loss across all sectors of society. This is in part due to the lack of a formal educational system dedicated to the art and science of relationship making ( Emotional Health Financial Social Spiritual ). I’ve made it my mission to teach one million struggling couples and relationship newbies the art and science of making meaningful connections that last a lifetime.


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Invest in your relationship and maintain it in its prime.



Community of members to handhold to support and be accountable to each other in the journey to mastering connection, love, and bonding as they learn and master the The skills to make a Make impact in the world.

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This community is built with love & compassion! Our focus is to help you get fulfillment.


He helps people get ideas. His approach is clear, direct, and to the point. He doesn’t waste time. That’s why I want to go to his webinar. I know he is the best at what he does because I took his course and saw that he had done a lot of research in his field before putting together his offerings.


Public Relations Manger

P.S: For the purpose of maintaining confidentiality names are withheld.




Abhishek is a great person to work with. After three sessions, we feel a lot closer to each other and like we understand each other better. We always look forward to the session because Abhishek makes it relaxing and puts us at ease. He also helps us work through some tough topics. He helps us figure out some patterns in our relationship and how each of us contributes to those patterns. We would definitely recommend Abhishek because he helped our marriage a lot. Abhishek, thank you very much!


Product Manager

P.S: For the purpose of maintaining confidentiality names are withheld.


Abhishek has been a great coach who has helped us figure out how to deal with our current situation. As a couple, we’ve benefited from learning how to talk to each other better. He is also helping us deal with tough situations that have been hard to deal with in the past without making things worse. We still have a long way to go, but we’re hopeful about what’s to come. Thank you, Abhishek, for making this trip easier for us.


Senior Manager

P.S: For the purpose of maintaining confidentiality names are withheld.


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