Refund Policy

Silver Membership – If you are not satisfied with the program you can claim for money back within 3 days of registering for the program. The refund is issued on the basis that the student has completed the following three courses.
1. Real Relationship Fortune Building Formula
2. Real Relationship Fortune Building Mastery

There’s no money-back guarantee for Gold Or Diamond Membership

P.N: We do not offer refunds because you decided to end your marriage or your spouse decided to end it before, during or after you began the program. The refund will be the amount you paid to Valerian Sequeira and does not include the convenience fee that you paid to the payment gateway for the transaction.

Should you desire a refund and meet the   Real Relationship Fortune Building Formula Program Refund Requirements above, please contact us via email at

If you have questions regarding any of the Terms and Conditions, please drop in a mail at


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Life-Time membership means as long as Abhishek Srivastava does the particular program you will be part of this program.

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