When I write a blog post, it is clearly from my perspective. Once it’s out in the open, however, it becomes a shared perspective with you, the readers, and it’s your perspective that drives the discussions surrounding a post. Sometimes you will agree with me, and sometimes you won’t. This is what makes the comments following a post such a fertile ground for ideas.

I don’t mind if you criticise my opinions. Heck, I’m big and ugly enough to take your shots, and it demonstrates your passion for a subject, which I would never discourage.

In addition, I’m the one who prompted that response, so if it’s an attack, let’s have it open and unfiltered (although keeping it respectful would be nice).

However, I will not tolerate attacks on other commenters. Similar to you, they simply offer a different perspective on the initial topic. Please feel free to attack me; my blog is my home, and as the owner, I am responsible for what occurs within. However, attacking another commenter is impolite.

I am a firm believer in an open comment policy; I do not moderate comments prior to publication because I believe that inhibits genuine interaction and dialogue. Based on the conversations that have taken place over the past few months, it would appear that the majority agrees.

Let’s be courteous and keep things that way. As I’ve previously stated, feel free to attack me if you wish; as a discussion starter, I’m open to all viewpoints and words. But let’s be courteous to our guests, which includes you. Otherwise, your comments will be moderated and deleted where appropriate. If you persist in being abusive, you will be banned.

The same applies to comments containing slanderous or defamatory statements. As the owner of this blog, I am responsible for the content published here; therefore, I will not permit accusations that could result in legal action; these comments will be deleted.

In addition, let’s keep bigotry, hatred, sexism, profanity, and all the other fun stuff off this site. If you want this, visit TechCrunch, YouTube, or a similar website. Oh, and no affiliate links in the comments, please; instead, feel free to link to affiliate-related blog posts you’ve written.

Sounds reasonable?

Oh, and one final point. Please only use real names; no SEO-driven keyword names. You already have a link back to your site thanks to the Do-Follow arrangement, so there is no need for me to engage in double SEO. The names of obvious linkbaits will be edited.

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